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Can You Regas My Car Air Conditioner at Home or Work

Can You Regas My Car Air Conditioner at Home or Work

One of the more common reasons that a car air conditioner will stop putting out cool air is that it needs a regas. Most people are not aware of the fact that a car air conditioner needs a regas every 1.5 to 2 years on average. If you haven’t had it done for a while, or if you have never had it done, there is a good chance your car air conditioner could be cooler!


A regas is a service option that many people need and are not even aware of. The coolness level of their air conditioner may become less over time, yet they don’t realize that it can be fixed with a simple re-gas. The good news it that you don’t have to set time aside to go get a regas done, rather our mobile technicians at Keepin’ Cool Auto Air-Conditioning will come to your home or place of employment in order to do the regas servicing.


There are advantages of having your regas done at your home or where you work, including:


  • Not having to set time aside to go have your car serviced. You can keep doing whatever it is that you need to do at home or at work, while your car is being taken care of.
  • Saving time that may otherwise be spent waiting at a car service station while your car air conditioner is being taken care of.
  • Not being forced to drive your car in the heat without having good working air conditioning. This means that the next time you get into your car the air conditioning will help you keep cool.


If you don’t have to drive to a service station to get your car air conditioner a regas, why would you want to? Having our mobile air conditioning professionals come out to your home or office is convenient, reliable, and time saving. We offer both R1234YF AC re-gas and R134A AC regas. We service the entire Brisbane area, so call us today so we can stop by your home or office and regas your air conditioner!