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Car Air Conditioner TX Valve

Auto Air Conditioning Orifice Tube


This is a fixed metering device located inside the liquid line between the condenser and evaporator. The orifice tube is enclosed within a plastic housing and protected by a fine mesh filter. The filter prevents debris from clogging the pipe.


Auto Air Conditioning Expansion Valve


A variable metering device that varies refrigerant flow based on cooling demand. As demand increases, the valve opens wider to permit more refrigerant into the evaporator. Once the requirement has been satisfied, the valve opening is reduced to decrease flow. Cooling demand is monitored by a sensing bulb mounted on or near the evaporator.


All compressor manufacturers require the TX valve to be replaced or warranty does not apply.


Keepin Cool can supply a range of auto air-con TX Valves/Orifice to suit both new and old vehicles.


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Car Air Conditioner Tx Valve