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Holden Astra Car Air Conditioner

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Holden Astra air conditioning is not working..?


The symptoms


Is your Holden Astra air conditioner not keeping you cool..?


If your Astra¬†air-con was working fine one day then the next time you went to turn it on and found it was only blowing hot air, then read on…
The most common fault with the Holden Astra air conditioning is the compressor clutch coil thermal fuse has failed. This will stop the ac clutch engaging causing the compressor not to pump, therefore no flow of refrigerant gas to the cooling unit which means no cold air.


What will it cost to fix this problem?

Depending on your location it will cost from $590.00. This includes a new aftermarket coil, labour and air-con re-gassing of the vehicles air conditioning system with R134a gas, oil and dye, complete with 12 months warranty on compressor coil. If the compressor has signs of leaking, then new compressor replacement is required From $1090.00


We replace the compressor coil with an aftermarket coil without the thermal fuse. As the fault with the original O.E coils is the thermal fuse.


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Holden Astra Car Air Conditioner