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Car Air Conditioning Regas Brisbane

Car Air Conditioning Regas Brisbane

If you have an car air conditioner you will at some point need to have it regas. Most people are not aware of this, so they let the service slip by. What happens is that their car air conditioner will begin to not put out cool air or work as well as they would like it to. This can easily be avoided by getting it re-gassed as needed.


Typically speaking, you should plan to have your air conditioner re-gas every 1.5-2 years. Not opting for a re-gas is going to leave your unit not putting out the cool air that it should. But having a regas is a simple fix that will have your vehicle feeling cool once again. And the good news is that you don’t have to leave your house or work place in order to have it done.


Keepin’ Cool serves the entire Brisbane area with mobile air conditioning services for your car. We can come out to your place of employment or to your home and do your regas while you take care of other things. The process will take 30-45 minutes and is affordable and effective. We offer regas options that include:


  • R1234yf, which is similar to the R134a. It will allow you to re-gas without making drastic changes to your system. It is a more environmentally friendly option that has a “0” ozone depletion score.
  • R134A. This involves removing the spent gases and moisture before re-gassing. It also comes with a 6-month warranty. Prior to this regas being done on your car we will check for leaks, as it is unlawful to regas a unit with leaks.


Wherever you live or work in the Brisbane area you are a candidate for our mobile air conditioning repair services. If you are unsure if a regas is what you need we can provide your car with an inspection to confirm it one way or another. Just give us a call for your regas and we will dispatch one of our professionally, fully equipped vans to your location and at your convenience. We can have your car re-gassed and keeping you cool again in no time!