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3 Vehicle Air Conditioning Myths in Brisbane

3 Vehicle Air Conditioning Myths in Brisbane

There are a lot of myths and half truths that float around when it comes to vehicle air conditioners. This happens in the Brisbane area, but it also happens in other places around Australia, and beyond. It’s a good idea to take a look at some of these myths from time to time just to evaluate them.


Myths can keep people from using or repairing their vehicle’s air conditioner, which can lead a lack of comfort when you are driving around. It can also lead to a loss of value in your vehicle if you leave it unrepaired. Here are 3 common vehicle air conditioner myths in the Brisbane area:


  1. Bad for environment. Many people believe that using your vehicle’s air conditioner is bad for the planet. This is largely a myth that has been refuted numerous times. Vehicles are made much more environmentally friendly today, including improved air conditioning standards, so you can use it not feel eco-guilt!
  2. Expensive to use. There are some people who avoid using their car’s air conditioner because they think it will cost them a lot of money. Studies have been done on this and some have shown that using the air conditioner uses only slightly more gasoline. In other words, it’s worth it for the comfort that it brings. Additionally, others may fear that repairing an air conditioner is expensive, when in reality many repairs needed are minor and affordable.
  3. Can’t get rid of the smell. If there’s smell associated with a vehicle air conditioner it does not mean you can never use it again, as some would believe. Those smells are usually caused by bacteria and mold that can be removed and addressed, making it pleasant to once again use the air conditioning unit.


Don’t get caught up in the myths surrounding your car’s air conditioner. Those myths may keep you from using it or getting it the repairs it may need. If you have concerns or questions about your vehicle’s air conditioning unit stop and see us at Keepin’ Cool or give us a call. We have helped many people in the Brisbane area to keep cool!