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    Car Air Conditioner Hose Repair

    The Secret to Cost-Effective Car Air Conditioner Hose Repair


    A broken car air conditioner hose can burn a significant hole in your pocket. More often than not, it’s just a section of the hose that’s leaking, eliminating the need for a complete hose assembly replacement.


    Identifying the Common Leak Points

    The most typical place for a car air conditioner hose leak is the rubber hose section, particularly at the hose ferrule crimp. Why should you replace the entire hose when only a part of it is problematic?

    At Keepin’ Cool, we make it possible to regain 95% of your car air conditioner hose’s original function. Should the metal components (in aluminium, steel, copper, or brass) still be in a reasonably good state, we can replace the leaking rubber hose section and repair metal areas with holes or cracks.


    Car Air Conditioner Hose Repair

    Car Air Conditioner Hose Repair


    Unleashing the Potential with Custom Assemblies

    Our commitment to client satisfaction includes offering custom assemblies tailored to your specific car air conditioner hose needs. Whether it’s the hose length, material, or fitting size, we design and adapt to ensure a perfect fit and optimum functioning.


    Fully Customizable Dimensions for Your Ease

    At Keepin’ Cool, we don’t let standard hose dimensions restrict your needs. We can adjust the length of the air conditioner hose to your precise requirements, ensuring it suits your vehicle just right.


    Fitments of Various Sizes

    We house an extensive range of air conditioner hose fitment options. With a variety of sizes and configurations at hand, it becomes effortless for us to accommodate any specific needs you might have.


    Material Varieties for a Reliable Solution

    We take pride in offering a selection of material options for your car air conditioner hose. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as your specific requirements, we can provide a hose that delivers both longevity and peak performance.

    Our expertise allows us to create a custom assembly and repair solution that ensures your car’s air conditioner operates at its best, saving you from unnecessary, costly replacements.


    Choosing Quality with Burgaflex Hose and Fittings

    All our car air conditioner hose repairs now exclusively utilize Burgaflex hoses and fittings. Burgaflex MultiCool hose meets the stringent SAE Type C Class I certification. With a seamless EPDM inner tube enclosed with a nylon barrier and PET spiral reinforcement, the hose boasts superior durability and efficiency.

    Additionally, a perforated weather and ozone-resistant rubber cover gives the hose enhanced flexibility, dimensional stability, and lower volumetric expansion.

    The Burgaflex hose is explicitly designed for refrigerants like R134a, R407c, R404a, R410a, R1234yf, R1234yz, and R452a. It’s equally compatible with all standard oils inclusive of PAG, POE, and mineral oils. Furthermore, the 3090 series is even compatible with R22.


    Quick and Convenient Car Air Conditioner Hose Repair

    Usually, we turnaround your car air conditioner hose repair within just 24 hours.

    We’re just a call away to address your specific requirements or to provide free advice on your car air conditioner hose repair issue. We’d be more than pleased to help. Alternatively, you can drop us a question using the Quick SMS Quote.



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