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Car Air Conditioner Drier

Car Air Conditioning Receiver-Drier


Car air conditioning receiver-drier is on the high side of systems that use a thermal expansion valve. This type of valve requires liquid refrigerant. Ensuring the valve receives liquid refrigerant, receiver are fitted. As well as, the primary function of the receiver-drier is to separate gas and liquid. The secondary purpose is to remove moisture and filter out dirt.


The receiver-drier usually has a sight glass on the top. So this sight glass is often used to charge the system. Under normal operating conditions, vapour bubbles should not be visible in the sight glass. The use of the sight glass to charge R-134a systems are not recommended. As cloudiness and oil that has separated from the refrigerant can be mistaken for bubbles.


So this type of mistake can lead to a dangerous overcharged condition. There are variations of receiver-driers. And several different desiccant materials are in use. Some of the moisture removing desiccants found within are not compatible with R-134a.


The desiccant type identification sticker is affixed to the receiver-drier. Newer receiver-driers use desiccant type XH-7 and are compatible with both R-12 and R-134a refrigerants.


Auto Air Conditioning Accumulator


The vehicle air conditioning Accumulators used on systems that accommodate an orifice tube to meter refrigerants into the evaporator. As it is connected directly to the evaporator outlet. And also stores excess liquid refrigerant. Introduction of liquid refrigerant into a compressor can do severe damage.


Compressors are designed to compress gas not liquid. The chief role of the accumulator is to isolate the compressor from any damaging liquid refrigerant. Accumulators, like receiver-driers, also remove debris and moisture from a system.


Also, it’s a good idea to replace the accumulator each time the system opened. For significant repair and anytime moisture and debris is of concern. Like moisture is enemy number one for your A/C system. Moisture in a system mixes with refrigerant and forms a corrosive acid. When in doubt, it may be to your advantage to change the Accumulator or receiver in your system.

While this may be a temporary discomfort for your wallet. As well of long-term benefit to your air conditioning system. The receiver drier or accumulator removes moisture and contaminants from your vehicle air-con system. This component is replaced whenever the system has been open to the environment.


Failure to replace the receiver drier can also result in loss of cooling performance or like even damage to your compressor.


Keepin’ Cool can supply a range of auto air-con Drier/accumulator to suit both new and old vehicles.


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Car Air Conditioner Drier

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Please call to discuss your specific requirement, or if you like free advice on your vehicle air conditioning problem, then we would be most pleased to talk with you. Alternatively, ask a question using the Contact Form.