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    Car Air Conditioner Odour Bacteria

    Car Air Conditioner Odour bacteria Treatment


    Car air conditioner odour bacteria making you sick? Eliminate unpleasant odours and improve your vehicle’s air conditioning system for better health. Keepin’ Cool has the latest Clip light Ozone machine to carry out this service. It takes only 20 minutes to perform either on its own or besides a full A/C service.


    Because of the very nature of the car air conditioner operation. Fungus and bacteria can build upon the internal evaporator of the car (situated under the dashboard). The internal evaporator of the car, located under the dashboard, can accumulate bacteria, leading to commonly known as “sick car syndrome”. Turning on the car air conditioning can cause an offensive smell and make occupants feel sick or contract ear, nose, and throat infections.


    We treat the evaporator and entire car interior, killing all the bugs and that lousy car air conditioner odour, leaving your car air conditioning smelling sweet.


    This treatment has proved successful most times for up to one year.  No refunds on this service if it cannot clear your problem. If the initial treatment doesn’t work within a month, it may show the need for a thorough cleaning, like stripping down the entire system to clean the evaporator.

    So we can provide this as a service, but we will evaluate and estimate the costs based on each individual vehicle. Most vehicle evaporators are very difficult to access!!

    Defend Your Senses: Combatting Car Air Conditioner Odour and Bacteria


    The Unseen Foe in Your Car AC: Odour and Bacteria

    Ever noticed a strange, unpleasant smell when your car’s air conditioner kicks in? Your most likely dealing with a classic case of odour and bacteria build-up in your car AC. As time goes on, your car may smell bad, but taking preventative steps can help keep it smelling fresh.


    Why Your Car AC Smells: Understanding the Role of Bacteria

    Bacteria thrive in a moist, dark environment. That’s why your car AC is their perfect hideout. When allowed to multiply, they cause unpleasant smells that can change your drive from delightful to distressing. However, these smells are not just irritating; they might pose health risks to drivers and passengers.


    Signs Your Car AC May Harbour Bacteria

    1. Unpleasant Odour: A sudden whiff of unpleasant smell when you turn on the AC is the most common symptom.
    2. Increased Allergic Reactions: If you experience coughing, sneezing, or itching inside the car, the AC might be the culprit.
    3. Poor Cooling Performance: A clogged system because of bacterial buildup can reduce your AC performance.


    Fight off Bacteria and Enjoy Fresher Air with Keepin Cool

    At Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning, we provide efficient and effective solutions to eliminate odours and bacteria from your car AC.


    Our Odour and Bacteria Removal Services

    • Deep AC System Cleaning: We go beyond superficial cleaning; we reach those hard-to-reach areas and remove any bacterial build-up.
    • AC System Sanitation: Using high-quality sanitizers, we kill the bacteria, ensuring they don’t return soon.
    • Dedicated car Fragrance and Deodorization Service: Not only do we remove the odour and bacteria, but we can also provide a fresh, pleasing scent.


    Tips to Prevent Bacterial buildup & Odour

    • Regular AC maintenance: Scheduled checks will prevent bacteria build-up.
    • Ventilation: Regularly provide ventilation to your car AC by occasionally driving with windows open.
    • Cleaning: Frequent car interior cleaning can help keep bacteria and odours at bay.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Do odour and bacteria in my car AC pose any health risks?
      • They might cause respiratory problems or allergies.
    2. How can I tell if there’s bacterial buildup in my car AC?
      • Smell, increased allergies, or poor performance are common signs.
    3. What’s the best way to get rid of bacteria in my car AC?
      • Regular cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance are essential.
    4. How often should I have my car AC system sanitized?
      • At least once or twice a year, more if you use the AC heavily.


    Breathe Fresher, Cleaner Air with Keepin Cool

    Don’t let bacteria and odour turn your rides sour. At Keepin Cool, we aim to make every journey enjoyable with our professional car air conditioner services, keeping your ride clean, comfortable, and fresh.


    car air conditioner odour bacteria

    Car Air Conditioner Odour Bacteria

    Car Air Conditioner Odour bacteria.


    THE PURIFIER™ Fresh Air Ozone Machine.

    This machine incorporates the latest in ozone purification technology. Which will eliminate mould, mildew, and also bacteria from car air conditioning systems? It also removes harmful odours naturally–even the most offensive and stubborn smells like tobacco smoke at their source, not masked.


    The air purification process creates a healthier and more comfortable cabin environment. Safely completes most jobs in only 20 minutes. Perfect for automobiles, RVs, boats, or other spaces with lingering odours or bacteria. Ozone is the most potent sterilant commercially available to kill bacteria, viruses, car air conditioning odours, and mould spores. 


    We are a fully licenced mobile car air conditioning business, and we work on site within Brisbane Southside Suburbs.

    As well as we also carry out air conditioning compressor replacements, repairs, as well as re-gas, and hose repairs. We can come out to your place of employment or your home to do your air conditioning repairs and re-gas service while you take care of other things. This process can take from 1hr to 2hr.



    Here you will find a list of some vehicle types we carry out and Car Aircon Regas Service. If your vehicle type is not on the list, please give us a call:

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