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Car Air Conditioner Condenser

Car Air Conditioner Condenser


This is the area in which heat dissipation occurs. The vehicles air-con condenser, in many cases, will have much the same appearance as the radiator in your car as the two have very similar functions. The condenser is designed to radiate heat. Its location is usually in front of the radiator, but in some cases, due to aerodynamic improvements to the body of a vehicle, its position may differ. Condensers must have good air flow anytime the system is in operation. On rear wheel drive vehicles; this is usually accomplished by taking advantage of your existing engine’s cooling fan. On front wheel drive vehicles, condenser airflow is supplemented with one or more electric cooling fan(s).


As hot compressed gasses are introduced into the top of the air-con condenser, they are cooled off. As the gas cools, it condenses and exits the bottom of the condenser as a high-pressure liquid.


Keepin’ Cool can supply a range of auto air-con Condensers to suit both new and old vehicles.

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