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    Car Air Conditioning Leak Detection

    Car Air Conditioning Leak Detection: Find and Fix the Problem


    Don’t Let Your Cool Escape: AC Leak Detection


    Car Air Conditioning Leak Detection. At Keepin Cool Auto Air, we find the root of your AC leak by using the best UV Leak Detection methods.
    Leakage of the refrigerant in an HVAC system is inevitable, as many imperfect joint fitting hoses or welding points.


    On average, your vehicle AC will leak around 10 per cent of the refrigeration gas per year.
    As it leaks refrigeration gas R134a or even 1234yf, it will stop producing as much cool air as you require.


    If not rectified, these defects will cause the cooling system to work inefficiency.
    Unlike other air conditioning service workshops, we do not subscribe to adding to global warming or breaking the law by re-gassing any leaking or defective vehicle air conditioning systems.


    If a small leak or a massive leak Keepin Cool Auto Air has many ways to detect leaks through multiple methods.


    Ultraviolet Leak Detection

    UV dye is the best detection for small refrigerant leaks.
    The UV dye fluoresces under illumination wherever the refrigerant leak is.
    It pinpoints the leak, resulting in exact leak detection.


    Electronic AC Leak Detection

    Electronic leak detection is the most favorable device because its accuracy using an infrared sensor detects leaks.


    Dry nitrogen pressure Leak Testing

    Using dry nitrogen allows exact pinpointing of car air-con leaks as bubbles or foam brew at the point of leakage.


    As you can see, several ways to check for an air conditioner leak. These range from low-tech to high-tech, but they can be useful.

    Once the leaks in your car air conditioning unit found, it’s just a matter of fixing them. The sooner it’s fixed, the faster you will be on to preserving and using your air conditioner.
    We can repair your car air conditioner leak and done right. We have helped many people in Brisbane with their car air conditioner service and repairs, and we can help you, too!


    Keepin’ Cool Brisbane mobile car air conditioning regas and service includes everything from inspection to repair.
    THERE IS NO NEED to spend your time booking your car into a service centre and therefore paying over-inflated garage or dealership prices.


    We are a fully licensed mobile car air conditioning business, and we work on site within Brisbane Southside Suburbs.


    As a mobile car servicing technician, we replace air conditioning compressor and repairs, and regas, and hose repairs. We come out to your place of employment or your home to do your air conditioning repairs and aircon regas service while you take care of other things. This process takes from 1hr to 2hr.


    At Keepin Cool, our fully qualified air conditioning technicians can give you a detailed report on the condition of the AC system and with any necessary repairs and maintenance.

    We want to get your car air conditioner working to its optimal performance.


    FAQs: Car Air Conditioning Leak Detection

    1. What are the signs of a car AC leak?
      Typical signs include a lack of cool air, visible refrigerant puddles under the vehicle, hissing noises from the AC system, or a visible oily residue near the AC components.
    2. What causes a leak in my car’s AC system?
      Leaks may result from corrosion due to the presence of moisture in the system, damaged seals or hoses, loose connections, or wear and tear of the other AC components.
    3. How do professionals detect an AC leak?
      Professionals utilise various techniques. These can include a visual inspection, use of ultraviolet dye in the system to identify leaks under a UV light, or an electronic leak detector which can locate leaks not visible to the naked eye.
    4. How soon should I fix an AC leak?
      As soon as you notice any signs of a leak, you should have it repaired immediately. Ignoring minor leaks can lead to extensive damage over time and might require a costly repair or complete replacement.
    5. What happens if a leak in my car’s AC system is not fixed?
      Prolonged leaks can lead to refrigerant loss, which affects the functionality of your AC system. A leak left untreated can also lead to severe damage in other parts of the AC system such as the compressor.
    6. Can I fix a leak in my car’s AC system myself?
      While minor leaks may be fixable using a DIY leak sealant kit, it’s recommended to seek professional help. Automotive AC systems are complex and incorrect diagnosis or inadequate repairs can lead to further damage or unsafe situations. Plus, certain repairs may require handling of potentially harmful refrigerants which should be done by certified professionals.



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    Car Air Conditioning Leak Detection

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