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    About Keepin’ Cool Auto Air

    Keep Your Car Cool and Comfortable With Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning Specialist


    In Brisbane, where the sun shines fiercely, having an efficient car air conditioner isn’t just about luxury—it’s about survival. About Keepin’ Cool Auto Air – a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the realm of auto air conditioning. We specialise in keeping your vehicle’s climate control in top condition, ensuring every drive is a breeze, quite literally. With our expertise, you’re about to uncover the must-know tricks to maintain that cool air flow every time you hit the road.


    Convenient Car AC Regassing On the Go

    Understanding AC regas is key to keeping your car’s air conditioning system running smoothly. It involves replenishing the refrigerant levels, which, over time, can lessen, making your AC less effective. Here’s why it’s a must:

    • Restores cooling power: Ensures your AC blows cold air again.
    • Increases efficiency: Better performance, less energy consumption.
    • Saves money: Regular regas can avoid more expensive repairs down the line.


    Scheduled AC Maintenance for Optimal Performance

    Regular maintenance of your car’s AC system is crucial. Here’s what benefits it brings:

    • Prevents breakdowns: Spotting issues early can save the need for bigger repairs.
    • Ensures comfort: Keeps the air cool, and the ride comfortable, no matter the weather.
    • Prolongs life: Extends your system’s longevity, offering better value for money.


    Why Choose Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning?

    When it comes to car AC service, three things set Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning apart – convenience, expertise, and trust.


    Our mobile service extends across Brisbane, covering:

    • Brisbane
    • Redland City
    • Bayside
      Furthermore, our Easy Contact Method allows for hassle-free SMS quotes, making it easier than ever to get started.



    Our team is adept at handling all car air conditioning concerns, from ac not cooling to noisy ac compressors. Our services include:



    Offering competitive costs without compromising on quality, plus the convenience of mobile service, we’ve earned the trust of Brisbane drivers.

    Our Range of AC Services

    At Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning Specialist, our comprehensive services ensure every aspect of your car’s AC is in peak condition. Here’s what we offer:

    • Mobile Car AC Regassing: To refill refrigerants R134a and R1234yf as per Manufacturers Recommends.
    • Mobile Car AC Repairs: Addressing issues like blowing warm air and bad smells.
    • Mobile Car AC Service: Regular checks for optimal performance.
    • And more, all at your doorstep.


    Easy Contact Method: Get a Quick SMS Quote

    Need a quote? Just follow these steps:

    1. Send us a text with your car make, model, and AC issue.
    2. Receive a fast, clear quote.
    3. Book a convenient time for our mobile service to come to you.


    Conclusion: Stay Cool on the Road with Keepin Cool

    Around Brisbane, Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning Specialist is your go-to for all things auto AC. Trust us to keep you cool, comfortable, and on the move.

    Don’t wait for the heat to beat you. Contact Keepin’ Cool and ensure your ride is as comfortable as can be, no matter the temperature outside.

    FAQs Section

    1. How often should I get my car’s AC serviced?
      • Annually, to ensure it runs efficiently and catches any potential issues early.
    2. What are the signs that my AC needs regassing?
      • If it’s blowing warm air or not as cold as before, it’s time for a regas.
    3. Is the mobile service available for all the listed services?
      • Yes, all our services are mobile for your convenience.
    4. Can you service all types of car AC refrigerants?
      • We handle both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants, following Manufacturers Recommends.
    5. How long does an AC service take?
      • Typically, 1-2 hours depending on the service scope.
    6. What should I do if my AC starts making noise?
      • Contact us for a quick inspection; it might indicate a compressor issue.
    7. How can I get a quote?
      • Just send us an SMS with your car details and AC issue!


    Don’t let the Australian heat get the best of your car. Keep cool and comfortable with Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning Specialist. Reach out today!




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