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    Car Air Conditioner Retrofit

    Superior Car Air Conditioner Retrofit Services Start at Just $350.00


    Keepin’ Cool shows unwavering dedication to technological prowess, equipping itself to facilitate the intricate substitution of the antiquated R12 gas with a state-of-the-art R12 replacement, dubbed HFC-R134a. We’ve efficaciously administered a spectrum of retrofit alterations on an array of automotive marvels, inclusive of:

    • 1988 Volvo 240
    • 1984 Porsche 928s
    • 1979 BMW 323i
    • 1982 Ford XE
    • 1991 Toyota Japanese import


    In-Depth Conversion Service with HFC R134a Gas


    Our comprehensive retrofit conversion service with HFC R134a gas typically takes around 90 minutes and comprises:


    • Recovery and measurement of any residual refrigerant in the system
    • System pressure leak test up to 9 bar (approximately 140psi)
    • Replacement of Filter/Drier
    • Implementation of a deep vacuum
    • Application of the correct refrigeration oil and dye charge
    • Re-gas with up to 1kg of fresh/recycled R134a refrigerant
    • System testing, in-car delivery temperature measurement and service label fitment
    • Granting of the Keepin’ Cool Auto warranty


    It’s noteworthy that in compliance with the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989, any waste refrigerant removed from the vehicle disposed of at a minimal cost.

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    Car Air Conditioner Retrofit

    Car Air Conditioner Retrofit


    Key Facts About Car Air Conditioner Retrofits from R12 to R134


    Primarily, there are two retrofit types available:


    1. High-performance retrofit with HFC-134a: The vehicle manufacturer suggests particular procedures and components, inclusive of HFC-134a as the refrigerant.
    2. Economy retrofit with blends: This system uses refrigerants comprising a mix of varied chemicals.


    However, it’s crucial to note that the use of refrigerants other than HFC-134a in retrofits is neither approved nor recommended by vehicle manufacturers. Likewise, Keepin’ Cool does not endorse the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants or any refrigerant blends not explicitly intended for use in automotive air conditioning systems.

    Despite potentially higher initial costs, we only recommend the high-performance retrofit primarily for its long-term cost effectiveness.


    The Mechanics of Car Air Conditioner Retrofit


    Such a retrofit involves:


    • Proper labeling to specify the refrigerant used, preventing contamination of air conditioning systems and supplies.
    • The replacement of refrigerant service fittings to match the particular refrigerant in use.
    • Reclaiming and adding refrigerants: Under our watch, the original refrigerant (CFC-12) reclaimed in dedicated recovery cylinders. After filling them, we send off these cylinders to Refrigerant Reclaim Australia for destruction. New refrigerant is then added.

    Remember: Technicians dealing with air conditioner refrigerants must hold an Australian Refrigeration Council (ARCtick) certificate.

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