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Car Air Conditioner Repairs

Car-Air Conditioner Repairs


If the vehicle air conditioning system has sustained damage of any sort (cracks in pipes, splits in hoses, stone damage to the condenser) and replacement parts are required, Keepin’ Cool will inform the customer of the various repair options. Repair time will be charged at the standard rate:


Labour Rate: $100/hour


This rate applies when carrying out repairs to the vehicle air conditioning system.


Occasionally, there may be some auto air conditioning items requiring repair that are non-stock and must be ordered, and a follow-up appointment may be necessary to complete the job.


Many car air conditioning parts are available from Aftermarket suppliers at a fraction of the cost of buying from Main Dealers.  The aftermarket auto air conditioning parts have the same high quality as genuine parts and are in many cases made by the same factory, but leave the manufacturing plant in a plain brown box instead of a colourful branded box.


When preparing repair quotations, Keepin’ Cool will obtain the best price for genuine and aftermarket auto air-con parts and the customer will have the choice.


Once all work is complete, and the car air conditioning system is tested and operating correctly, Keepin’ Cool will provide details of all work carried out. In providing a reliable, quality service with all work will be covered by 12 months manufacture warranty


We are a fully licenced mobile car air conditioning business we work on-site within Brisbane Southside Suburbs.


NO NEED to spend your time booking your car into a workshop and pay over inflated garage or dealership prices, therefore saving valuable time, and subsequently saving money.


Please call to discuss your specific requirement, or if you need free advice on your vehicle air conditioning problem, we would be most pleased to discuss this with you. Alternatively, ask a question using the Contact Form below.