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    6 Signs of Car A/C compressor Issues

    6 Signs of Car A/C compressor Issues

    6 Signs of Car A/C compressor Issues

    6 Signs of Car A/C Compressor Issues: Know the Symptoms and Fixes

    During the peak of summer heat, a dysfunctional AC can be an unpleasant surprise. There might be various reasons behind this, one of which may include a malfunctioning air conditioning compressor. If you’ve been confronting less than satisfactory cooling from your car’s AC, this article 6 Signs of Car A/C compressor Issues by Keepin Cool Auto Air might offer some insights on symptoms that hint towards a faulty AC compressor and how to fix it.

    What does an AC Compressor Do?

    An AC compressor forms the core of your car’s air conditioning system. It’s the sole moving part within the AC system as it derives its power directly from the engine through a drive belt, unlike other components of the system. For this reason, the compressor can be more susceptible to wear and tear and requires regular checks.

    The compressor belongs to the high-pressure side of the AC system, converting refrigerant gas to liquid as it passes through the condenser. It compresses the refrigerant gas, which then heats up considerably. The condenser subsequently cools the gas, transforming it into a liquid that circulates to the receiver drier and expansion valve, and finally enters the evaporator turning back to gas. The compressor is, thus, integral to this process.

    6 Signs of Car A/C compressor Issues

    Identify Faulty Car Aircon Compressor: Symptoms

    There are several telltale signs that your AC compressor is falling short:

    1. Leaks: If your AC system is seeping refrigerant at certain points along the line, this could be a symptom of compressor failure.
    2. Unusual Noises: Strange noises may indicate a seized component or a failed internal part of the compressor.
    3. Lukewarm Air: If the system fails to circulate enough refrigerant, your car’s AC could start blowing warm air.
    4. ECU Error: The appearance of a check engine light indicates a more serious issue. An error in voltage signals to parts like the compressor is evident.
    5. Seized Compressor Clutch or Belt: This could potentially make noises.
    6. Check Engine Light: The illumination of the check engine light can suggest a severe issue, potentially involving the compressor.

    Regular corrosion, wear and tear, internal part breakage due to lack of lubrication, defective belts, and leaks are some frequent causes that lead to compressor failure.

    Steps to Diagnose a Faulty Car Aircon Compressor

    If you suspect an issue with your compressor, here’s a simple diagnostic method:

    1. Start the Car: With the engine running, set the AC to high. The compressor will activate, sucking in refrigerant from the evaporator and forwarding it to the condenser.
    2. Listen for Anomalies: Unusual noises can signify various issues such as worn-out belts, broken clamps, cracks, or missing nuts or bolts. If nothing stands out, consult a Keepin Cool Auto Air technician.
    3. Test the Vent Air: If there isn’t cool air blowing from the vents, it could be a sign of a clogged cabin air filter or a malfunctioning cooling fan.
    4. Check for Leaks: Identify any leaks beneath the car. If leaks are identified or other issues ruled out, engage the help of a licensed repair technician to conduct a systematic examination.

    The most pragmatic solution for a failed compressor is replacement over repair. A frequently failing compressor could hint towards more severe issues within the AC system.

    We at Keepin Cool Auto Air, Australia’s premier mobile car air conditioning specialist, provide a cost-effective range of car AC compressors, including major components needed for AC restoration.

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    1. How can I tell if my car’s air conditioning system needs servicing?

    A: Signs that your car’s AC system may need a check-up include reduced cooling efficiency, odd smells emanating from the AC vents, strange noises when the AC is turned on, the presence of moisture inside the vehicle, and the AC failing to reach the desired temperature. If you notice any of these issues, contact Keepin Cool to schedule a service appointment.

    2. How often should I service my car’s air conditioning system?

    A: It’s recommended to service your car’s AC system every 1-2 years to maintain optimum performance and prevent larger issues from developing. Regular maintenance can also improve the system’s efficiency and longevity.

    3. Can I drive my car if the AC compressor is failing?

    A: While it is technically possible to drive without a functioning AC compressor, it can lead to discomfort, especially in the hot Brisbane climate. Moreover, if the compressor fails completely, it can send metal debris through the system, leading to extensive and costly damage. It’s best to have it checked and replaced promptly.

    4. What’s included in Keepin Cool’s car AC compressor kits?

    A: Our AC compressor kits come with all the essential components required to restore your air conditioning system. This typically includes the compressor, drier, and expansion valve, as well as a new set of O-rings. Each kit is backed by our 3-year nationwide warranty for peace of mind.

    5. How can I quickly request a service appointment with Keepin Cool?

    A: To make a service booking with us, avail our quick SMS quote service. Simply send us a text message with details about your car and the service you require, and we’ll get back to you to confirm your booking and provide a cost estimate. This swift and convenient method allows you to book our expert services with just a few taps on your phone.

    6. What areas do Keepin Cool service in and around Brisbane?

    A: Keepin Cool provides mobile services primarily for the Bayside suburbs, Redland City, and some adjoining areas. We come directly to you, offering both convenience and great service. Regardless of whether you’re at home or work, our team of experienced technicians is committed to ensuring your car’s air conditioning system is performing at its best.

    Still have questions on 6 Signs of Car A/C Compressor Issues or stumped about your car’s air conditioning issues? Don’t sweat it! Reach out to us now and benefit from the expertise that has made us Brisbane’s top choice for auto air conditioning needs. We’re ready to turn your discomfort into cool and breezy rides!


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