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    Common Cause of Car AC Refrigerant Leaks

    Common Cause of Car AC Refrigerant Leaks

    Common Cause of Car AC Refrigerant Leaks

    Common Cause of Car AC Refrigerant Leaks

    Maintaining a comfy drive during Brisbane’s persistent summer heat only gets better with an optimal car air conditioning system. No one understands this better than Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning, and that’s why we’re discussing the Common Cause of Car AC Refrigerant Leaks that every car owner should be aware of.

    Signs of a Leaking Auto Air Conditioning System

    Before we delve into causes, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with signs that flag a refrigerant leak in your auto’s AC. Come to Keepin Cool if you observe:

    1. Irregular cooling by your car AC unit.
    2. A musty odour inside your car, indicative of mould from moisture accumulation.
    3. The AC blows warm air despite being set for cooling.

    Spotting these issues? It’s time for a thorough Vehicle Air Conditioning Inspection.

    What Triggers Car AC Refrigerant Leaks?

    There are several Common Cause of Car AC Refrigerant Leaks, and understanding them can help in speedy resolution:

    1. Faulty Schrader Valves: These are your car AC unit’s fill valves. Over time or due to mishandling, these valves can become faulty, leading to a leak.
    2. Seal or Hose Deterioration: Age, heat, and vehicle vibration can cause seals and hoses to degrade, creating a potential leak situation.
    3. Compromised O-Rings and Gaskets: These parts can wear out over time and harbour refrigerant leaks, especially if the car air conditioning maintenance has been neglected.
    4. Damage to the AC Compressor: In the event of a faulty compressor, the Refrigerant R134a and R1234yf Manufacturers recommend immediate replacement.


    How Keepin Cool Handles Car Aircon Leak Testing and AC Services

    At Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning, we offer a broad spectrum of efficient mobile services in the Bayside area to assist with these common causes:

    • Mobile Car AC Regassing: Keeping your AC’s cooling at its prime with top-tier regassing solutions.
    • Mobile Car AC Repairs: Our team is competent in mitigating a myriad of car AC issues.
    • Mobile Car AC Service: Comprehensive maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of your car’s AC.
    • Mobile Car AC Compressor Replacement: Fast and skilful compressor replacements to restore your AC’s efficiency.
    • Mobile Car AC Hose Repairs: Effective repairs to restore the functionality of your AC hoses.


    Seal Those Leaks with Keepin Cool!

    In the fight against the Common Cause of Car AC Refrigerant Leaks, prevention is your best weapon, and nothing serves you better than a regular Car Air Conditioning Maintenance. It isn’t a mere expense; it’s a solid investment for the longevity of your car and the comfort of your drive in and around Brisbane. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our Quick SMS Quotes for a hassle-free booking!


    1. What should I do if I suspect a refrigerant leak in my car AC?
      A routine Vehicle Air Conditioning Inspection is needed to diagnose a leak accurately.
    2. How harmful is a leaking refrigerant to the environment?
      Refrigerants, unless captured and recycled, can be extremely harmful to the environment.
    3. Can I drive my car if the AC is leaking refrigerant?
      While driving wouldn’t be affected, it’s best to get it fixed for optimal AC performance and comfort during your drives.
    4. Can a faulty AC compressor cause a refrigerant leak?
      Yes, a damaged compressor can lead to a refrigerant leak.
    5. Do you provide mobile AC services in Redland City?
      Yes, we provide mobile services in Redland City, Bayside, and other areas in Brisbane.


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