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Environmental Concerns with Vehicle Air Conditioners

Environmental Concerns with Vehicle Air Conditioners

There is nothing like getting into your vehicle on a hot summer day and being able to turn the cool air conditioning on. Putting your hand in front of the vent, you know that it is a matter of a couple of minutes before you are feeling cool and enjoying the ride. But what about those who have concerns about the environment? They may not feel so guilt-free using the air conditioner.


When it comes to automotive air conditioners, there are a couple of things to know. First of all, they used to be bad for the environment. Secondly, measures have been taken to make them not be quite so bad. Knowing this, and what you can do to help them avoid environmental problems, can make a world of difference for the planet.


Before 1992, a product called Freon (CFC-12) was used in vehicle air conditioners. While nobody realised it, researchers later discovered that this product was harming the air, and depleting the ozone later. The Clean Air Act changed the requirements for air conditioning refrigerant to deal with this problem. Today auto air conditioners use a refrigerant that has been deemed safer for the ozone in the atmosphere.


That doesn’t mean that vehicle air conditioners are entirely off the hook when it comes to environmental problems. They can still do damage to the environment with the most significant issue happening when there are leaks. If the air conditioner is leaking it can become an environmental problem, just as if liquids are leaking from your vehicle they can damage the water and ground.


Air conditioning refrigerant companies have taken measures to make the product safer for the environment. Vehicles are using less refrigerant, and the substance itself is less harmful today. But the single most important thing someone can do to ensure that their air conditioner is not harming the environment is to maintain it properly. Through routine maintenance leaks and other problems can be found right away and addressed, so that they don’t lead to environmental issues.

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