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    How Often Should My Car Aircon Need Regassing ?

    How Often Should My Car Aircon Need Regassing

    How Often Should My Car Aircon Need Regassing ?

    How Often Should My Car Aircon Need Regassing?

    How Often Should My Car Aircon Need Regassing? keeping your car’s air conditioning in top shape is essential for your comfort during those sizzling summer drives. One common maintenance task is ‘regassing’ or ‘recharging’ the aircon system, which involves replacing the refrigerant gas it uses to cool the air.

    So, how often should your car aircon need regassing?

    We recommend to service and regas your car’s air conditioning system every one to two years under ordinary circumstances.

    This timeline, however, isn’t hard and fast; number of factors can influence how often your aircon needs regassing.

    The make and model of your car can play a role. Some vehicles’ air conditioning systems may be more prone to leaks.

    Car aircon need regassing

    How frequently you use your aircon can affect how often it needs regassing. More frequent use may mean it requires attention sooner than recommended.

    Recognising when your car aircon regassing is required is not always straightforward. Some signs that your aircon is due for a regas include:

    The system is not cooling the air as effectively as it used to.

    It is taking longer for your aircon to cool the air.

    The system is blowing warmer air.

    Whenever you notice these signs, it is best to contact a professional for a check-up.

    Doing so not only ensures you avoid discomfort on hot days but may also help you notice potential issues before they become serious, saving you money overall.

    In conclusion, while every 1.5-2 years is a good general timeline, how often your car aircon needs regassing depends on a range of factors, from vehicle make and model, to the frequency of air con use. Always be on the lookout for signs that your system needs attention and contact a professional for advice or service.

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