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New Refrigerant Aims to Take on Global Warming

New Refrigerant Aims to Take on Global Warming

New Refrigerant Aims to Take on Global Warming


Vehicle air conditioning units have long gotten a bad rap when it comes to environmental issues. People have questioned just how much they have contributed to global warming as they have been keeping cars and the people in the cooler. Now those in Brisbane and beyond can take comfort in what is now emerging as the next big thing in vehicle air conditioning refrigerant – R1234yf.


R1234yf (pronounced twelve thirty-four) is on pace to become the industry standard when it comes to air conditioning refrigerant. And for a good reason! While it costs a little more, it’s worth it for the environment.


R123yf refrigerant was crafted with low global warming with the focus on being eco-friendly. In fact, estimates that it would provide a 90 per cent reduction in global warming potential. Imagine the benefits when all vehicles have made the switch to this new refrigerant!


New Refrigerant Aims to Take on Global Warming


Having zero ozone depletion potential, R1234yf also offers an excellent cooling performance that is suitable for all types of climates. While all new vehicles manufactured to have R1234yf, others cannot make that switch. At Keepin’ Cool we can carefully recover your current refrigerant. And make any necessary repairs, and then regas it back up with R1234yf.


Being able to use your vehicle’s air conditioner without worrying about contributing to global warming is a great benefit. Now you can ride cool and help keep the planet cooler, too! Give us a call today to learn more about making the switch to R1234yf. We specialise in all aspects of vehicle air conditioning and can help you determine if making the switch is the right move for your vehicle.


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new refrigerant aims to take on global warming