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    Optimise Your Car Air Conditioning For A Cool Ride

    Optimise Your Car Air Conditioning For A Cool Ride

    Optimise Your Car Air Conditioning For A Cool Ride

    Optimise Your Car Air Conditioning For A Cool Ride

    Optimise Your Car Air Conditioning For A Cool Ride. Living in a warmer climate such as Brisbane. We rely on our vehicle’s air con system for almost three-quarters of the year, often overlooking its maintenance during the cooler months. However, to ensure your ride stays cool and comfortable, it’s crucial to know how to make the most out of your car air conditioning.

    Optimise Your Car Air Con System’s Cooling Power

    Our expert technicians at Keepin Cool, who specialise in mobile car aircon repairs. Share a few important steps and precautionary measures to help you utilise your air con system effectively, while also being fuel efficient.

    1. Skip Pre-Cooling–It’s Not Efficient

    Contrary to popular belief, your air con system relies on your car’s engine. The faster the engine runs, the better your air con system functions. Thus, when your car isn’t in motion, your air con system has to work harder to function effectively, which uses more fuel.

    Instead of putting your air con system in overdrive the moment you start your car, try driving around for a bit with your rear windows down. This tactic will allow your engine to warm up and the air con system to function optimally once you turn it on.

    1. Lower Is Better When Picking A/C Temperature

    When setting the temperature on your air con system, opting for the lowest temperature and adjusting the fan speed can be more fuel-efficient. This practice is more beneficial than attempting to conserve fuel by choosing a higher temperature. Which, contradictorily, makes your air con system work harder to heat the air, thereby consuming more fuel.

    1. Master The Use Of Recirculation Mode

    The recirculation mode, when used appropriately, can enhance the effectiveness of your air con system. This mode closes the front air duct, preventing the hot external air from entering the vehicle. It can be particularly useful when you want to quickly cool down a hot car or wish to keep out unpleasant external odors.

    1. Turn Off The Start/Stop System

    In newer car models, the automatic Start/Stop feature, though designed as a fuel-saver. Can actually disrupt the smooth functioning of the A/C compressor, particularly when the automatic feature repeatedly turns the engine off. It’s best to disengage this feature in bouts of extreme heat or heavy traffic.

    1. Maintain Clean A/C Filters

    Just like your home’s air conditioning system, your car’s air con system also demands regular filter check-ups. Dirty filters obstruct optimal air con use and can cause greater fuel consumption.

    1. Switch Off Your Automatic Climate Control

    The automatic climate control system, designed to maintain a pre-set interior car temperature, doesn’t facilitate faster cooling of your vehicle. Turning off this system and manually setting your preferred temperature can cause a more satisfying cooling effect.

    Brisbane’s Premier Mobile Car Air Conditioning Specialist

    Optimise Your Car Air Conditioning For A Cool Ride. At Keepin Cool Auto Air, our mission is to make every drive a comfortable one, regardless of the weather. We are a top mobile car air conditioning specialist, servicing all of Brisbane’s Southside with prompt, high-quality, and personalized car AC service and repair solutions.

    Your Car’s Air Conditioning System: Essential Care

    Proper care for your car’s air conditioning system is more than merely turning it on when temperatures rise. While it gives instant relief from the heat, regular maintenance optimizes system performance and reliability, guaranteeing cool air every time.

    An essential part of the maintenance routine is regassing your air conditioning system or replenishing its refrigerant, a service required approximately every 18 to 24 months. This process is pivotal as, on average, vehicles lose about 10% refrigerant annually. With a dwindling refrigerant level such as R134a or R1234yf, your air conditioner will eventually disappoint. Turning from a source of cool air to a breathing machine of lukewarm draughts.

    The Keepin Cool Advantage

    Entrust your car’s air conditioning needs to the experts at Keepin Cool, where we strictly adhere to Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) standards. Handling refrigerants is a job for professionals, demanding a technical know-how, specific tools, safety precautions, and compliance with stringent environmental regulations. By choosing us for your aircon needs, whether it’s a minor repair or a major overhaul, you enjoy quality services, reliable cooling, and peace of mind.

    Our comprehensive mobile aircon services offer:

    • Efficient and high-quality air conditioning repairs
    • Professional aircon regas to keep your system running optimally
    • Precise leak detection and repair
    • Swift air conditioning compressor and evaporator replacements
    • AC hose supply and repair
    • Cabin purification for improved air quality

    We also offer an extensive 5-step mobile air conditioning regas service. That comprises an initial assessment, old gas removal, system vacuum and leak testing, recharging with top-quality refrigerant, and post-service testing for optimal results.

    Remember, the comfort of your ride depends on the efficiency of your air conditioning system. And a well-maintained car air conditioner not only ensures pleasant drives, especially in hot weather, but also enhances overall vehicle performance. So, when you need to recharge your air conditioning, think Keepin Cool.

    Get in touch with Brisbane’s preferred mobile car aircon repairer—Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning, where top-quality service meets unparalleled convenience.

    Optimise Your Car Air Conditioning For A Cool Ride

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    At Keepin Cool, our technicians receive top-level training to ensure high-quality service and valuable advice. That gives you peace of mind during your mobile car aircon repairs or mobile air con regas.

    Whether your car ac needs regas, your air con system needs recharging, or your air con needs regassing. We provide reliable and convenient mobile air conditioning services.

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