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    Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner

    Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner

    Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner

    Guide to Regassing Your Car’s Air Conditioning System


    Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner

    Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner, air conditioning in your car is one of those conveniences that until it’s gone, you might take it for granted. The process of regassing your car’s system is essential for maintaining optimal cooling performance, especially during those hot summer months. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of getting your car’s air conditioning system regassed and what you can expect during the procedure.

    I. Initial Inspection

    Before any work begins, it’s crucial to inspect the air conditioning system. In this step, technicians can visually inspect and assess the components of your aircon system, identifying any existing faults with the system. When technicians assess the need for regassing, it ensures that you only pay for this service when it’s necessary.

    II. Removal of Old Gas

    To make room for the new refrigerant, we evacuated the older gas in your aircon system. This step is vital as it allows us to start the regas service on a clean slate, ensuring the effectiveness of gas replenishment.

    III. System Vacuuming and Leak Test

    Next, we must vacuum the aircon system. We carried this procedure out to eliminate any residual moisture and contaminants within the system. We carried out a leak test afterwards. This helps ensure it will lose no new refrigerant during the process because of leaks in the system.

    IV. Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner with New Refrigerant

    Once technicians have vacuumed and tested the system for leaks, they regas the system to manufacture specification. The exact quantity required depends on the specific make and model of your car. Technicians are skilled at ensuring the correct amount is used to facilitate optimal cooling performance.

    V. Final Testing and Checks

    After regassing your aircon system, we next run a final round of tests to check if the system is cooling effectively. This step is important for ensuring and verifying the effectiveness of the service carried out. We also providing you with peace of mind knowing that your car’s aircon system is prepared to deliver cool air when needed.

    When you choose to have your car’s aircon regas needs taken care of by Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning. You’re not just paying for the service – you’re investing in comfort, convenience, and quality. Choosing Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning to take care of your car’s aircon regas needs, our skilled technicians perform the job efficiently, providing you with comfort, convenience, and quality. Leave it to the experts and enjoy cool and comfortable drives again with Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning.

    Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning: Brisbane’s Preferred Mobile Car Aircon Service Repairer

    Keepin Cool Auto Air Conditioning stands as not just an air conditioning service, but as your personalised auto care partner. Harnessing a unique equilibrium of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quality, we’re transforming car aircon maintenance across Southside Brisbane.

    A Small Company with Big Services

    Despite being a compact team, we offer an expansive array of 100% mobile car air conditioning regas services, six days a week. We bring our services right to your doorstep, be it your residence or workplace, offering unrivaled convenience.

    Affordable Quality

    Our unique model of on-the-go service allows us to cut down on overheads associated with service centres, and we believe in passing these savings to our customers. Furthermore, you reap the benefits of premium services at lower rates.

    Comprehensive Repair Solutions

    Whether it’s fixing flexible refrigerant hoses, replacing AC compressors, or repairing alloyed piping and Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner, we’re equipped to handle it all — providing complete AC maintenance solutions.

    Standard Service Inclusions

    Our default service package makes up tasks like refrigerant replacement, also compressor oil level check, and air conditioner hose condition check, compressor drive belt inspection, and leak testing.

    Advanced Mobile Car Air Conditioning Service

    We equipped our mobile vans with the industry’s latest air conditioning testing tools, enabling us to conduct in-depth mobile car air conditioning repairs and regassing.

    Serving Variety with Efficiency

    On board, we carry an extensive range of auto air conditioning parts to facilitate quick and efficient services. Also, we Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner regas and repair r134 and 1234YF auto air conditioning systems across various vehicles. Including light trucks, small buses, European imports, American classics, high-performing sports cars, and even airplanes, bobcats, and forklifts.

    Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning

    With Queensland’s sun beating down on you, it’s essential to have an automotive air conditioning service you can trust. Our business has carved out a niche in this industry. We are a Brisbane-based company serving customers across Bayside and Redland City suburbs. We also pride our self on exceptional knowledge and expertise in car aircon re-gassing and air conditioning repair services.

    Why Keepin’ Cool? For Regassing Your Car Air Conditioner.

    Expertise: Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning brings a substantial expertise to their services. Also, our technicians are not only skilled but are also up-to-date with the latest car air conditioning practices and technologies.

    Our company operates from fully equipped mobile service vehicles that can travel to your home or workplace in Thornlands. Say goodbye to waiting in service centres.

    Comprehensive services: From repairs to routine maintenance, Keepin’ Cool can handle a wide range of aircon issues. Significant services include diagnosing and repairing air conditioning components, AC regassing, system service and maintenance, and supplying and fitting service parts.

    Compliance: As a proud member of ARCtick, Keepin’ Cool follows all regulations pertaining to the proper handling of refrigerant gases. This showcases our dedication to environmental conservation and our adherence to industry-leading air conditioning protocols.


    We adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications to regas your vehicle’s air conditioner, ensuring optimal performance. This involves oil top-up and the installation of ultraviolet dye to detect any potential leaks. And then we retest the air conditioning system to verify performance, guaranteeing our work with a three-month gas warranty for any parts replaced by Keepin’ Cool.

    Do note Keepin’ Cool does not offer a standalone air conditioner Regas Service. All customers are required to accept our comprehensive Air Conditioning Inspection Service. Only after successful scrutiny is the air conditioner re-gassed to manufacturer specifications.


    Committed to our responsibility towards the environment and legal obligations. We stand firm against adding to global warming and legally violating by regassing leaking or defective vehicle air conditioning systems.

    Plan to have your car air conditioning system regas every 1.5–2 years. Delaying or neglecting an air conditioning regas results in less effective cooling from your AC system. However, routine regas services can restore the refreshing chill in your vehicle.


    Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning’s reputation for superb customer service speaks for itself. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of honesty, integrity, and value for money. We guarantee maximum customer satisfaction by performing each job with the utmost efficiency and care.

    Keepin Cool: Your Local Brisbane Service

    In Brisbane’s beautiful Redland Bay, we service within a 25 km radius. Check our Service Area for more details. Our standard operating hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

    Choose Keepin Cool Auto Air, where we blend affordability with responsiveness and quality for a seamless car care experience!

    Here you will find a list of some vehicle types we carry out and Car Aircon Regas Service. If your vehicle type is not on the list, please give us a call:

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