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    Why Is The Car Aircon Compressor Producing A Noisy Sound?

    Why Is The Car Aircon Compressor Producing A Noisy Sound

    Why Is The Car Aircon Compressor Producing A Noisy Sound?

    Why Is The Car Aircon Compressor Producing A Noisy Sound?


    Breathe New Life into Your Car Aircon Compressor: Your Comprehensive Guide

    When the Australian landscape heats up, your car air conditioning may let you down. In such cases, it’s quite possible that the heart of your air conditioning system—the compressor—needs some attention. At Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Conditioning Specialist, we understand every facet of your car’s aircon and are here to guide you through the process of repairing your compressor.

    Why You Should Fix Your Car Aircon Compressor

    Imagine it this way — your car’s air conditioner’s compressor acts like the heart of your air conditioning system, with the refrigerants circulating around it like the bloodstream. It pressurises the refrigerant gas and propels it through the air conditioning system, resulting in cooled air being released into your vehicle. If your aircon compressor is not functioning correctly, it negatively affects the overall efficiency and performance of your air conditioning.

    Signs of Compressor Failure

    Before jumping into any repairs or replacements, you must identify the signs of a failing or faulty air conditioning compressor:

    1. Inadequate Cooling: The most common and obvious sign of a faulty compressor is the lack of cool air.
    2. Unusual Noise: Clanging, rattling or squealing noises suggest a potential fault with the compressor’s internal bearings.
    3. Puddle Formation: If there’s a puddle of fluid under your vehicle, the compressor may leak refrigerant.
    4. Physical Damage: Check your compressor for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or rust.

    Keep your senses sharp for these signs and don’t forget—your sense of wellbeing matters too. If your comfort during drives is compromised, your compressor might need a closer look.

    How to Repair Your Car Aircon Compressor

    This guide splits the repair process into three broad steps of diagnose, inspect, and repair. However, such a sensitive operation should ideally involve a professional for the best outcome. Armed with the right tools and the experience, Keepin’ Cool Auto Air’s mobile service, available across Brisbane’s Southside suburbs, is just a call away.

    Step 1: Diagnose

    Before you start, the system needs to be diagnosed correctly. We can do this via a manifold gauge set, which reads the system’s high and low pressure. When both pressure readings are too high, it could show excessive refrigerant. If both readings are too low, the issue could be because of inadequate refrigerant or a failed compressor.

    Step 2: Inspect

    Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, ensure that the compressor clutch is working. The clutch engages and disengaging the compressor pulley. If the clutch is not operating correctly, the compressor won’t work as it should.

    Step 3: Repair

    The repair process can be quite complex. It involves removing the faulty compressor, removing and replacing the receiver/drier or accumulator, and flushing the air conditioning system to remove any debris or contamination. After completing these steps, we carry out with installing the new compressor and recharging the system with lubricants and refrigerants.

    Remember that each car model has a specific setup and design for its aircon system. Therefore, adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines is critical to prevent any future issues.

    Rely on Professionals: Keepin’ Cool Auto Air Specialist

    Given the complexity involved in repairing an aircon compressor, we highly recommended relying on professional services. A seasoned professional can accurately diagnose, repair, and prevent future faults in your compressor.

    At Keepin’ Cool Auto Air, we have a team of skilled, certified technicians who ensure they do the job right—the first time. We provide mobile service across various suburbs in Brisbane, enabling you to get your car’s aircon compressor fixed without the hassle of taking your vehicle to a shop. Our team uses only high-quality parts and strictly adheres to manufacturer guidelines during the repair process.

    Maintenance Tips for Your Car Aircon Compressor

    • Run Regularly: Run your air conditioning system for a few minutes every week, regardless of the season. The circulation of refrigerant oil keeps the seals and hoses from hardening and cracking.
    • Regular Servicing: Regularly service your car’s air conditioning system to prevent minor issues from escalating into more significant problems.
    • Clean the Condenser: The condenser can be a magnet for dirt and dust, so keep it clean to prevent your compressor from overworking.


    Have No Fear; Keepin’ Cool Auto Air is Here

    When your compressor succumbs under Australia’s ferocious heat, don’t despair. Keepin’ Cool Auto Air prides itself on being a reliable air conditioning specialist that provides swift and convenient mobile services. We aim to ensure that your driving experience is always comfortable. After all, we believe you deserve the best that your vehicle can offer, right down to the very heart of your air conditioning system.

    The cooling breeze of a functioning aircon is the best companion for your road trips down Australia’s sunny highways. Taking a proactive approach to your car’s air conditioning compressor is investing in comfort, performance, and satisfaction.

    So, leave the worries of repair and maintenance behind. Reach out to the experts at Keepin’ Cool Auto Air for top-tier repair services because we believe in one simple mantra: “Your comfort drives us.”

    Book a service online via keepincool.com.au and ensure a more “cool” and smooth journey next time around. Stay chill, Brisbane!


    Australia’s balmy weather demands the perfect functioning of your car’s air conditioning system. Your aircon compressor is crucial, deserving attention at the first sign of a problem.

    Remember, when you’re dealing with your car’s aircon compressor, Keepin’ Cool Auto Air, a team of capable professionals, can ensure they do the repair process correctly. Because on those scorching summer days on the open road, you’ll want the chilled embrace of your car’s air conditioning system more than ever!


    Keepin’ Cool Auto Air stands out for:

    • Timesaving: Keepin’ Cool Auto Air’s mobile AC regas services save you time, whether at your home or workplace.
    • Quality: The use of high-quality parts ensures lasting performance in AC repair and servicing.
    • Professionalism: ARCtick-certified technicians fulfill Australian Refrigeration Council regulations while treating your car professionally.
    • Additional Services: Aside from car air conditioner regas-recharge, they offer other services like leak detection and compressor replacement.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Keepin’ Cool Auto Air is renowned for being friendly, reliable, and customer-oriented.
    • Value for Money: Reasonable pricing for top-notch services gives you the best return on your investment.

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