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    Why Your Car’s Air Conditioning Not Cooling

    Why Your Car's Air Conditioning Not Cooling

    Why Your Car’s Air Conditioning Not Cooling

    Why Your Car’s Air Conditioning Deserves Your Attention: A Comprehensive Guide

    It’s a hot summer’s day in Australia’s sunshine state, and you’re cruising along the highways of Brisbane. The sun sits high in the open blue sky, radiating heat down onto the cars on the road. You turn on your car’s air conditioning, hoping for an oasis of cold air amidst the sweltering heat, only to be met with a feeble gust of warm air. If you’ve experienced this, it’s time your car’s air conditioning got your attention. Here’s your comprehensive guide from Keepin’ Cool Auto Air, Brisbane’s top-notch mobile car air conditioning specialist.

    The Importance of Maintaining Your Car’s Air Conditioning

    Your car’s air conditioning is often overlooked when it comes to vehicle maintenance. As long as it’s pumping out cold air, everything seems fine. But much like any complex system, it requires regular attention to maintain its performance. Ignoring it could lead to costly repairs and an uncomfortable drive in the sweltering Aussie weather.

    1. Comfortable and Stress-free Drive: A well-maintained air conditioning system ensures a pleasant, cool drive, especially during the hot Brisbane summers.

    2. Improves Air Quality: Regularly serviced air conditioning helps to purify the air inside the vehicle, eliminating harmful bacteria and providing a healthier environment.

    3. Increase Vehicle Life: Adhering to your vehicle’s air conditioning maintenance helps ensure its longevity, saving you from costly repairs, and preserving your vehicle’s value.

    4. Fuel Efficiency: A properly functioning air conditioning system puts less strain on your car’s engine, leading to improved fuel efficiency.

    5. Safety: Keeping your vehicle cool contributes to your safety on the road. Heat exposure could lead to fatigue and impair your driving ability.

    Your Car’s Air Conditioning System: The Key Components

    • Compressor: This is the heart of your A/C system. It pressurises the refrigerant, enabling it to capture and release heat as it circulates in the system.
    • Condenser: It dissipates the heat carried by the refrigerant from the compressor.
    • Evaporator: Located inside your vehicle, it absorbs heat from the car’s interior, cools the air, and then distributes it through the ventilation system.
    • Thermal Expansion Valve (TX Valve): It controls the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator.
    • Drier: It removes moisture from the refrigerant.


    How to Keep Your Car’s Air Conditioning in Optimal Shape

    Regular Use

    Often to maintain is always to repair. This saying holds notably true when it comes to your vehicle’s air conditioning. Regular usage of the air conditioning system keeps the refrigerant and oil circulating, avoiding potential hardening of the hoses and seals. A simple trick is to run your A/C for a few minutes every week – no matter the weather.

    Professional Inspection

    For any apparent issues or as part of a regular maintenance schedule, your car’s air conditioning needs professional attention at least once a year. Trained professionals can detect early signs of trouble, saving you from a more significant problem down the line.

    Regas Services (Recharging Your A/C)

    Given the Brisbane heat, your car’s A/C will likely require a refrigerant top-up or ‘regas’ every two years. Regassing involves refilling the A/C with refrigerant and lubricants, effectively boosting its cooling efficiency.

    Air Filter Replacement

    A clogged air filter inhibits the airflow in the A/C system, leading to poor cooling and extra strain on the compressor. Replacing your car’s air filter as per the manufacturer’s guidelines improves the efficiency and the longevity of your A/C system.

    Maintenance of A/C Parts

    Leaky condenser? Noisy compressor? Damaged hoses or seals? Keeping a vigilant eye on the major components of your air conditioning system can save you from a significant headache. Any suspected issue should be addressed immediately by a certified professional to avoid escalating the problem.

    Considering Onsite A/C Services?

    Say hello to the future of auto repairs —Onsite services. As pioneers in this field, Keepin’ Cool Auto Air exemplifies convenience and quality. Our 100% mobile car air conditioning services are available across Brisbane’s Southside suburbs. Forget the hassle of booking your car into a workshop and experience our comprehensive range of services, all at your home or workplace.


    A poorly maintained air conditioning system can take the joy out of your drive, make it uncomfortable, and can even put a dent in your pocket with compounding issues and expensive repairs. Neglecting this vital part of your vehicle is no longer an option.

    The automotive experts at Keepin’ Cool Auto Air believe that your car’s air conditioning system deserves your attention. They are the trusted name in mobile car air conditioning regas and repair services. Book in a service or repair with us online at keepincool.com.au and ensure a cool, breezy drive.

    Remember, the comfort of your ride can significantly dictate the quality of your journey, and your air conditioning plays an integral role here. Irrespective of the weather outside, make your ride comfortable and enjoyable with Keepin’ Cool Auto Air, your ultimate mobile car air conditioning solution!


    Keepin’ Cool Auto Air stands out for:

    • Timesaving: Keepin’ Cool Auto Air’s mobile AC regas services save you time, whether at your home or workplace.
    • Quality: The use of high-quality parts ensures lasting performance in AC repair and servicing.
    • Professionalism: ARCtick-certified technicians fulfill Australian Refrigeration Council regulations while treating your car professionally.
    • Additional Services: Aside from car air conditioner regas-recharge, they offer other services like leak detection and compressor replacement.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Keepin’ Cool Auto Air is renowned for being friendly, reliable, and customer-oriented.
    • Value for Money: Reasonable pricing for top-notch services gives you the best return on your investment.

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